Customer Service Week Day Two

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 Customer Service Week Day Two

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Today, we will focus on quality service to our patients

The quality of service we offer both clinical and non clinical goes a long way to meeting the expectations of our patients

Quality essentially means doing what we do very well in a way that our customer knows they’ve gotten value. We can also see it as treating customers the way we expected to be treated when we seek service anywhere.

We want information, fulfillment of promises, empathic care, respect and to feel safe knowing what we sought will be achieved

In LIMH we all provide different services and the quality must come from every department and section for us all to be truly appreciated as a hospital

Let us recommit ourselves to providing top quality services to our patients. It starts with the right attitude and as we will discuss tomorrow, professionalism plays a big role.

So from today onwards, let’s step up the quality of our services.

LIMH: first and the best!

LIMH Quality Improvement Committee


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