Customer Service Week Day One

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 Customer Service Week Day One


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Developing a Customer Based Attitude

What is Attitude?
It is how we respond, positively or negatively, to an idea, object person or situation

Our attitude is made up of our values, self image, motives, habits, culture, environment, upbringing and background

It is the most important aspect of providing good customer service.

It is also the foundation upon which skills are built. Having the right attitude makes us teachable and helps our personal development


– By being conscious of how we are perceived all the time

– by being creative and not just running with the negative crowd

– by showing empathy to our customers

– by communicating a positive self image

– by developing a high level of emotional intelligence

– by taking good care of ourselves (rest, exercise, eating healthy)

What attitude are you displaying from today onwards? Try and make it a positive one 🙂👍🏽

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