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 blood donor day

Lagos Island Maternity Hospital joins the Lagos State Blood Transfusion Services (LSBTS) to celebrate the World Blood Donor Day today

As a referral centre for high risk maternal cases and those in poor conditions, we have had to work closely with the Blood Transfusion Services of our laboratory, the State and other General Hospitals.

Over the last 4 years we have witnessed a decline in maternal deaths due to haemorrhage as eclampsia and sepsis have been our biggest challenges.

This is not only due to improved availability of blood and linkages across centres but also as a result of measures such as:

– judicious use of blood
– autologous blood transfusion
– proper use of uterotonics
– adoption and use of protocols and check lists for management of PPH
– senior level obstetrician care for high risk cases

We still struggle with availability of blood products such as platelets and rare blood groups such as the Rh-ve ones though.

We join the LSBTS to encourage more people to become voluntary blood donors which is critical to our practice.

Safe blood does save lives.

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