Customer Service Week Day Three

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 Customer Service Week Day Three

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When filling some forms, we are asked to fill in our profession. The person reading it expect that we have been educated and trained in that field.

Professionalism is “the competence or skill expected of a professional.”


We represent ourselves, our families and our profession on the job and we should seek to do it well.

Some ways we can exhibit Professionalism are:
1. Integrity
2. Good interpersonal skills
3. Being proactive
4. Showing ability to learn
5. Dressing properly (wear your name tag)
6. Not complaining
7. Demonstrating basic manners
8. In this era, looking up from our phones when on the job.

We have very good teams in LIMH. With the Right Attitude and Professionalism we can deliver Quality Services to our customers.

Be a shining star for your Profession today and always.



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