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Our dear esteemed clients, we have taken bold precautions trying to keep our patients and staff safe as much as we can 🙏🏽
Kindly ensure you observe the followings when you visit our facility:

1) Read our Entrance Notice

2) Ensure you get screened at our Screening Points (for Temperature )

3) Make sure you wash your hands before entry please’

4) Or you make use of our sanitizer instead

5) Maintain social distance sitting in the clinic

6) Social distance sitting in the triage point

7) Social distance when consulting

8) Social distancing in the pharmacy and also,

9) Social distancing at the pay points

We care so much for you and our staff too. Therefore adherence is very key to everyone.

Thank you and God bless us all

Ajumose ti ipinle Eko, ti gbogbo wa ni ooo