World Menstrual Hygiene Day (WMHD)

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 World Menstrual Hygiene Day (WMHD)

Menstrual Hygiene (MH) is the way in which females use clean menstrual materials such as pads, tampons, reusable and washable cloth pads to absorb blood during their menstruation period.

WMHD is organized to advocate for the importance of good menstrual hygiene. It aims at providing information about menstrual hygiene materials, privacy to clean up and change materials used, and also access to facilities to dispose used materials.

Practice good menstrual hygiene by observing the following:-
1.) Change your pads or tampons regularly, do not allow them to get too soaked before changing them.
2.) Use soap and clean water to wash up before changing your pads or tampons.
3.) Properly dispose used menstrual materials.

If you have any complains, questions or concerns about your menstrual period or you are experiencing menstrual disorder, visit our Menstrual Disorder Clinic and talk to a Gynaecologist for proper management.

A woman’s menstrual health is crucial to her reproductive system.

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